Since Kusstar Entertainment was established in 2015, based on our business philosophy to “be the leading event and entertainment company through innovative, creativity and Excellence”. It’s our vision that this will be a platform to propel some up and coming artists into the main stream to attain the same recognition like our top musicians receive. The concept for the emerging music awards had been in my heart for a while now Until 2018 that Kusstar Research Team decided to embark on its implementation since it’s a perfect timing. The kusstar

research team realized our up and coming artists has not been given the necessary attention they deserve hence create this award scheme to recognize their creativity, hard work and determination in the music industry to propel them into the main stream in the music industry.

In this light, I would like to acknowledge and give thanks to God for making this dream a reality and bringing the KUSSTAR ENTERTAINMENT to this far.

Secondly, it’s with great pleasure to acknowledge the members of kusstar Entertainment for believing and being with me till this moment through thin and thick, and now our dream of organizing this event is being fulfilled.

Also, would like to acknowledge Mr. Francis Cann (Docta Cann of Happy Fm), Mr. Fred Kyei Mansah, Dan Lartey and many more for not showing me the exit door but believed in me and the idea, and gave me the push to make it this far. And will like to appreciate the work of the Board members for their relentless efforts to support this event

Finally, am grateful to my wife and children for their support to organize this event, also my parents and siblings for their immense contribution.

I will edge all up and coming artist to get involved and participate fully to this awards scheme, and ask all corporate organization and sundry to help motivate our young ones for they are the future for Ghanaian music. God bless kusstar Entertainment, God bless Music Industry and God bless our motherland Ghana.

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